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Browning HP Refinishing and Trigger Work I came across a Browing HP that had been "well used" and not "well cared for", but I do like a BHP and the price was too good to resist. Havlin's went to work on the pistol performing a refinish, deleted the mag safety, and improved the trigger dramatically. Havlin also cleaned up the wooden grips and installed a new spring kit. The finished product is OUTSTANDING. I highly recommend meeting with Havlin for your next project.
Phil V
Fast Service When I dropped my shotgun off at Brett's, I was met with a professional gunsmith who made me feel that my gun was in good hands. He quickly took apart my firearm and attempted to fix it on the spot. Even though the firearms problem was not mediately diagnosed, I was able to pick it up the next day, and it was functioning perfectly. Great personalized service, will be doing buissiness again!
Outstanding! Great, thorough work! Will be back.
Chris S
Installing a barrel First class work in good time.
Great Service I am very happy with the repair and advice I received from Havlin's. He fixed my problem quickly and asked me to follow-up later to let him know the problem wa fixed. Great follow-up and great service.
Kenneth N
Excellent Work Brett does excellent work. He took his time and fixed my Woodsman with parts he ordered. Another gunsmith just tried to adjust it--and it didn't work. Plus, he is interesting too.
Tyler e
fixing my Winchester model 68 Brett found parts for my old rifle had it cleaned up and firing in no time. He was professional, answered all of my questions, and kept the price well in budget. He told me of a few things he could do to the barrel of my gun to get the rust out and how to maintain it afterwards. I'm so glad I could take my old rifle to someone who really appreciated old firearms. I don't have any other guns that need repairs right now but if they ever do, they're going to Havlin's.
Tim G
Outstanding Service I came to Havlin's firearms finishing with two rifles that needed work. One was an old Savage .410/.22 over-under that needed a Williams peep sight installed. The other was a hand made, cap and ball Kentucky Rifle that had the drum blown out of it. In both cases I am more than pleased with the service I received. The online scheduling made it easy to get an appointment, the cost was more than fair, and both of my rifles operate wonderfully. I was also impressed with Brett personally, and consider him a valuable asset to the firearms community. I give him my highest recommendation.
Jerry B
Handgun Service Bret Havlin has services a bunch of my firearms. That includes trigger enhancements, refinishing and safety checks. I'm very satisfied with his work.
William A
High recommendation Best service I have ever had from a gunsmith. Always on time and prices reasonable. Quality work. Never had to take anything back a second time. Great communication. Easy to set up appointments on website.
Steve Koontz
Review of Havlin's I found Brett to be very cordial and friendly to this first time customer. He was very knowledgeable and conversant and willing to share his knowledge and experience with firearms and firearms related questions with me. I was made to feel completely comfortable and welcome in his shop even though I lacked experience as a gun owner. Brett also was a good listener and was very engaged with what I was telling him about the gun he was examining for me. His skills were evident to me as he quickly and confidently handled my gun, one he had never seen before. I am especially appreciative about him pointing out his observations about many things including the year of manufacture, how the rifle was set up, and how some of the "sporterized" modifications had been done. Also, he demonstrated to me he was much more than a "gun guy" when he discussed his family and his adorable dog. I feel very fortunate to have found Havlin's and I feel very lucky to have Brett agree to examine my gun to determine the caliber I was dealing with. He really helped instill confidence in me in what I have and his verification it can be used safely. I hope to be able to utilize Havlin's again for my future firearm's needs. Great experience! Thank You!!!
Great service! Great quick, honest service! Will do business with Halvins again soon!
Mark W
Great service great service will use again!